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Ardent Reel Lubrication Pack


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The Ardent Reel Butter Lubrication System provides anglers with everything they need for a complete reel lubrication system. The kit includes Reel Butter Grease 1 ounce bottle, Reel Butter Oil 1 ounce bottle, and Bearing Lube 1 ounce bottle. The Reel Butter Grease bonds to brass, steel, and plastic and also contains a rust inhibitor and UV tracer so that it can be checked under a blacklight. Reel Butter Oil contains an anti-gumming agent that is compatible with all materials and has consistent temperature performance. Bearing Lube penetrates bearings to flush out dirt and debris and provides corrosion protection for maximum protection. This kit is a complete lubrication system for anglers that want effective, quality reel care.

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