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30 Piece Deluxe Tool Board with Tools


1.Supplier Fulfillment (%): 86.78


Features and Benefits:   Board measures 4’ x 4’  All tools made of heat treated steel  Made in the U.S.A.Includes most popular Mo-Clamp clamps, plus chain, hooks, and cable sling.The package includes: #5013 Deluxe Tool Board with Hooks,MOC0045 Angle Bite™ Clamp, MOC0205 Dyna-Mo™ Clamp, MOC0300 Jr™ Clamp, MOC0307 Dyna-Mo™ Corner Clamp, MOC0400 W™ Clamp, MOC0450 Flash Clamp, MOC0800 Tac-N-Pull™ Clamp with Pull Plates, MOC1000 Handy Hook™, MOC1100 Handy Link™, MOC1250 Panel Puller, MOC1320 Slim Line Sill Hook™, MOC1360 Jr Versa Hook™, MOC1450 Numerous Angle Puller (NAP)™, MOC1700 Chain Locking Fork, MOC1800 Track Hook™, MOC1850 Inline Slider™, MOC2400 3MA™ Multi-Adapter Plate, MOC3110 Small Flat Nose Sheet Metal Hook, MOC3140 Large Round Nose Sheet Metal Hook, MOC4054 3/8 " Screw Pin Shackle with Triangle, MOC4055 7/16" Screw Pin Shackle, MOC4058 MAC II™ Multi-Angle Clamp, MOC4145 Double Grab Hook Assembly, MOC5616 Door Post Puller/Twister, MOC5800 G Clamp, MOC6006 6’ Mo-Clamp Frame Straightening Chain, MOC6008 8’ Mo-Clamp Frame Straightening Chain, MOC6300 Nylon Sling, MOC6317 "J" Hook with Chain, MOC6350 Cable Sling, MOC6400 Regular Deep Hook Set.